Remodeling and Custom Homes

What is Design/Build?

For you, the client, Design/Build is the “easy button.” Why? Because you will have a “one-stop” shopping experience. The JEB Team comes together to serve all your custom renovation and home building needs in one convenient place.

The Design Build Method—The practice of Design/Build is rooted in antiquity, when the master builder was usually both the designer and the assembler of the projects he envisioned. Manual laborers were used to haul large blocks of stone that skilled craftsmen would later fashion into useful components by the individual responsible for the project’s design. Often the “plans” were little more than an image in the designer’s mind, realized only in the course of the actual construction. It was essential, therefore, that the designer be the builder as well.

Today the term Design/Build refers to a method of project delivery in which a single entity provides to the client all of the services necessary to both design and construct all or a portion of the project. This single point of responsibility fundamentally distinguishes Design/Build from other forms of project delivery.