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All-Weather Exteriors


Don’t close the doors on your backyard patio once the weather starts to cool off. Why not warm up your patio instead?

The fact is, the end of summer doesn’t have to signal the end of patio season. Here are a few ways you can turn your warm-weather outdoor room into a space you can use year-round.

Raise the roof. A permanent, year-round roof, made from shingles that match your house or a sturdy metal roof will protect you and your guests from rain and falling leaves. A roof will also protect your patio floor from the discoloration that can occur when wet leaves and debris settle onto stone. A roof is just as much an asset during the summer, when the beating sun can spoil an outdoor event.

Close the drapes. If you do add a roof to your patio, attach heavy curtains to it and pull them closed when the wind starts to blow. The curtains will serve as a buffer between you and a chilly wind, so you can keep entertaining.

Rearrange the furniture. Put away the chaise lounges and break out the rocking chairs. Consider adding a few pieces of upholstered furniture to help guests feel warm while they’re seated. Nice, fabric-clad furniture will upgrade the look of your patio and is a good way to add color to the space.

Turn on the heat. Add heat lamps, a fireplace, a fire pit or even ceiling-mounted heaters to your covered patio and you’ll instantly take the chill off. You can make your heating source large or small, portable or permanent, high-end or low-cost. Because your guests will gravitate to the warmth of a fireplace or fire pit, these heat sources have a way of keeping your company close together for good conversation.

Toss some pillows. Warm up your seating area with thick blankets and lots of throw pillows in seasonal colors to help your guests feel warm and comfortable. Scatter rugs on the patio floor to warm up bare feet and soften the “cold” feel and look of stone. Washable fabric rugs will catch spills that otherwise might stain your wood or stone patio floor.

Light up the night. Soft outdoor lighting can set the mood for the whole evening and provide safe visibility. Hang a few outdoor lanterns, line pathways with solar-powered lights and install lights around railings. A lighted patio will invite your friends to stick around after dark. Point some ground lights up into trees to add more of an impression of “cover” over your outdoor room.


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