Jeb Talks: Return on Investment when Remodeling [Video] | Jeb Design Build

We’re often asked, “what’s the return on investment for my remodeling project?” That’s a good question. Remodeling magazine does what they call a “Cost-to-Value” survey every year, and they’ll do it for regions, not just North Louisiana, but different parts of America. And what they do, is they survey realtors in terms of what types of projects sell: like a bathroom, kitchen, whatever. And then they look at the cost of those projects.
Remodeling magazine says that if you remodel your kitchen, you get 76% of those dollars back the first year. So a remodeling project is a good investment in terms of appreciation every year, and not depreciate. We say, normally you get your money back within 5-7 years in our area, because in Louisiana values climb slowly but steadily.
Bathroom remodeling is about 72%. You can look it up on Remodeling magazine’s website,


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