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Spring Exterior Projects [Infographic]

[Text]: By the time the weather starts to get really nice around here, a bit of spring cleaning just isn’t enough. First, let’s hope the rain has washed most of the yellow pollen off of your car, driveway, roof and house. If it hasn’t, drag out the hose and get rid of...

Plan Your Man Cave [Infographic]

Your wife would probably never share her living room with “the guys”, especially if they want to crank up the sound until you can hear it next door. But she’ll probably be fine with converting the garage or an unused bedroom to a guys-only retreat furnished with a big-screen TV and a pool table.

You can stake out your space on the cheap—by parking the cars in the driveway and gluing down some carpet to cover the oil stains on the garage floor. But if you really want to entertain your pals in your man cave, consider going a little—or a lot—further. You could even build a secret room with doors hidden behind bookcases, like in a spy movie.

In fact, there are no rules when you design/furnish/build your man cave.

Summer Improvements [Infographic]

[Text:] Summer starts quickly in Northwest Louisiana, but you still have time to do some work on your backyard patio before the mercury starts to skyrocket. Put a polish on your summer fun with these tips: Cover your patio. One of the biggest complaints I hear during...

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